Fundamentally different for your typical photography workshop, this will be a deep dive into personal growth, unrealized creativity, and core business values. We’ll discover what’s holding us back, and find our inspiration once again through art, music, and community. We’ll learn how to market ourselves authentically and we’ll hone in on our goals and dreams for the next 5 years while creating visions that can be realized through step by step planning. 


With master instructors sharing their skills and support you’ll watch your photography and marketing skills leap to the next level while your mind opens up and your body relaxes. Join us in Bali with it’s varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides all providing a picturesque backdrop to its colourful, deeply spiritual and unique culture, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth.

2023 dates will be announced soon!

Bali Indonesia Itinerary

Here’s your 5 day itinerary! 

Final timeline will be released to you upon arrival.

Arrival in Bali

We’ll pick you up from Denpasar airport and make sure you arrive safely at our secret venue.

Once you’re settled into your cozy accommodations, we’ll spend the night getting to know each other, sharing our stories, grief and joy about life without COVID and taking a compassionate look at the life we’re living now. We’ll begin our journey of transformation by helping you feel grounded, accepted and ready to discover new things.

Day 1 – Unlocking Your Art

After a delicious breakfast, we’ll take a deep dive into discovering, defining, and expanding our creative voices. You’ll be given a ton of tips and tricks from our instructors that will allow you to open the door to a whole new way of seeing and capturing the world around you. You’ll also receive small group coaching on your marketing, that will help you identify how you can make changes to your website and social media presence that will help you close sales before your clients contact you.

Day 2 – Making the ordinary – extraordinary

Understanding  light and composition opens up a world of possibilities where the only limit is your imagination. 

We’ll spend all day learning how to use light and think out of the box so you can wow your clients, win awards, and feel great about your artistic vision.

Day 3 – Surprise adventure!

Bali is full of surprises and we want to let you in on the best experience the area has to offer. We’ll get together to explore our visions for adventure photography then we’ll set out to make them happen. With our local guide we will find the head out to the most beautiful and wild locations for some once in a lifetime adventures.

Day 4 – Wrap up, Ritual and Rejoicing

With so much to share we will review what we’ve learned, show-off our favorite travel photos and our instructors will help you create a step by step plan for moving forward. And given that we are highly experienced in the party department, we’ll be ready to let loose for an epic evening of fun!

The Venue

And where is Bali? Bali is one of the many islands that make up Indonesia and one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia.

Bali is located between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Bali is located in the Indian Ocean and belongs to the Southeast Asia region. Fortunately, it only takes 5 to 6 hours to get there from Sydney, Australia.

We have a fantastic place for you, but we are keeping it a secret for now. What we will reveal, however, is that we have chosen a beautiful setting surrounded by rice fields. We will offer you rich food, drinks and relaxation in between all the cool challenges.

2023 dates will be announced soon!

Be There!

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Our Covid-19 Precautions

We require all travellers be completely vaccinated before traveling, in an effort to keep

everyone protected and the local hospitals from overcrowding.

We have rapid result covid tests to use onsite, and are suggesting that all guests test upon arrival to the retreat. We are attempting to create a safe container for all participants, one in which we can move comfortably and safely within.

We are choosing adventures that will keep our bubble away from large crowds in tight places.

We understand that traveling assumes a level of risk to people of all vaccination statuses. In the unlikely event that one of our guests tests positive we can support their quarantine by pampering them in their suite with classes via zoom, and meals and libations delivered via room service. (We have extra test kits to double check in case of a false positive).