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BALI 2024

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+ How to book, price and market yourself!
+ BONUS – Get to capture a real destination wedding!
+ Learn all our post production insights and tricks!
+ Create your own destination wedding portfolio!
+ We will create a full destination wedding setting!
+ Learn all about drone photography!
+ We will tell you all the Off Camera Flash secrets!

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The real destination wedding experience!

Whether you are a seasoned wedding photographer or just starting out, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business. At this intensive bootcamp in Bali, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at how top wedding photographers create stunning images and build successful businesses.


Throughout the workshop, you will explore different shooting locations and receive in-depth training on topics such as composition, lighting, and workflow. In addition, you will get personalized feedback on your work each step of the way to help identify areas that might need improvement. So if you are ready for an unforgettable photography experience like no other, sign up for this workshop today!


+ Section 1

A deep dive into OCF where we will be sharing all our tips & tricks, making sure you walk away with a toolbelt, to conquer any epic or challenging situation! 

+ Section 2

Capturing real couples in a wedding setting & the final product is a Destination Wedding Portfolio, WHOA!!!

+ Section 3

Workflow & all our Editing techniques & tools. Plus portfolio and website review with helpful honest constructive critiques. and so much more……. 


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Learn from the experts! Join us in Bali for a bonus workshop where you’ll learn how to capture stunning aerial shots with a drone.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the hottest new tools in the world of photography. So don’t miss out – sign up today!

Your Coaches & their Work!

We are three passionate wedding photographers, here to share our knowledge and expertise with you! Our names are Tree, Ralf, and Jos. We’ve been in the business for years now and have earned many amazing awards along the way. Together we’ve photographed hundreds of beautiful weddings all around the world – from grand ballrooms to intimate outdoor ceremonies.


Now we have come together to create this workshop; a chance for us to pass on our skills to aspiring photographers who want to learn more about wedding photography. During this workshop you will get an opportunity to explore different types of photography styles as well as gain insight into how professional shooting works. You will also get a chance to take part in portfolio building activities where you can practice your newly acquired skills and show off your creativity!


Our work is something that speaks for itself so feel free click onto each one of our portraits above and take a peek at what we’ve created over the years! We look forward to having you join us on this exciting journey into wedding photography – let’s make some magic together!

Tree Woodsmith

Jos Woodsmith

Ralf Czogallik

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"Attended a workshop in Italy at the beginning of April. Ralf gives so much energy, creativity and passion for the profession that it is almost too much to process. thanks!!"
“Wow! That was so much information jampacked over the last few days with incredibly open people.
I can’t wait to dive in. I am so excited and inspired to take action on so many things in my business.
Super grateful!”

Drone Photography

How to fly a drone and create amazing images with it at our workshop destination wedding photography? Learn from the experts! Join us in Bali for a bonus workshop where you’ll learn how to capture stunning aerial shots with a drone.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the hottest new tools in the world of photography. So don’t miss out – sign up today!

Learn this!

+ Create an exclusive DW portfolio

+ Photograph a real destination wedding setting

+ Learn all of our settings

+ Off-Camera Flash

+ How to capture creative portraits under pressure

+ Mastering the Client Experience

+ How to get outstanding reception

+ Create awesome party photo’s

+ Workflow & Editing

+ All our Destination Wedding Strategies

+ Website Reviews

+ Portfolio Curation and Copywriting

+ Strategic SEO

+ All-Inclusive Workshop Experience

+ A real good time!

“We all need something to look forward to. We need community now more than ever”

Embrace the revival.

"I just wanted to thank you again for rocking out my website. Every potential client I have been getting this year is already in love with me and wants to hire me. Plus I have been getting four new client emails a day, which is sort of sending my head spinning.”
“We learned so much! We absolutely love this community of photographers. The hands-on challenges we had gave us so much confidence. And the off camera flash challenges were a game-changer!”
“I highly recommend taking this workshop if you want to take your skills to the next level. I loved the connections I made. Jos and Tree are totally committed to the learning process and it shows in everything they do.”
After following my first workshop in Bologna Italy, I noticed that I could and wanted to learn even more from Ralf. His skills in wedding photography are great. With over 10 years of experience in wedding photography, Ralf managed to bring me to a higher level through a year-long mentorship. Also on every question you asked, I got an honest and clear answer. Ralf is down to earth and accessible. For me the ultimate Mentor!

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Not Included in our packages:

– Visa’s
– COVID testing or passport
– Adventure tours for an extra fee
– Flights
– Alcoholic drinks