Portfolio Bootcamp & Workshop

Mexico 2023

5 – 9 March 2023 – Playa Troncones Mexico

+ Your shared accommodation for 4 days, 5 nights at a beautiful private
beachfront resort aka “barefoot luxury”  with 11 palapa-style bungalows 
(private room available for additional cost)
+ All meals & coffee/tea & other incredible non-alcoholic beverages 
(don’t worry, there will be some boozy moments)
+ Spa, pool, jacuzzi & beautiful gardens
+ Daily activities
+ Time to relax or explore
+ Airport transfer (round trip)
+ FULL ACCESS to all the coaches! 
+ Guaranteed destination wedding portfolio and more……. 

Full all inclusive package

$1750 ($500 retainer)


+ Sunday 5th – ARRIVAL | MEET&GREET & INTROS @ 4/5pm





+ Friday 10th – TRAVEL

The Ultimate Workshop Retreat Experience

The last 2 years have tested us all, and many of us are in need of more connection, greater adventure, and a deep regeneration of our lives and our businesses. 

To inspire creativity and prosperity in the years ahead, we’re bringing together all the elements required to help you revive your spirit in a photography workshop retreat like no other. 

Immerse yourself in quality time. Renew your artistic passion in an environment of kindred spirits. Reset is just around the corner.  Find your Revival. Be there!

2023 dates for BALI will be announced soon!

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“I not only gained a goodie bag of technical skills, but also a deeper connection to my craft. Through their combined wisdom, Tree’s gentle passion, and Jos’s masterful storytelling, I left this workshop refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to take my business to the next level!”

What will you learn?

Mastering creative focus and maximizing a marathon shoot

Revolutionize compositions and see the light

Shaping dramatic light using all the MagMod tools

10 no-nonsense teamwork strategies

Expanding your personal power potential

Strategic workflow structures for your work-life balance

The craft of creating client connections

How to optimize your clients’ experience.

Mastering Lightroom and Photoshop image perspectives.

Honest image evaluations that will polish your perspective

Networking with like-minded photographers

Our Marketing and design experts will give you guidance on how to craft your brand, website, and voice to reflect your core values to your marketing audience

Sign up and begin with a one-on-one video consultation with the team before the workshop!

Including curation, copywriting, and SEO that will get going up the google ladder.

We will have amazing couples ready for you to shoot and expand your Destination Wedding portfolio. We will guide you of course to obtain the best results!

What’s included?

– ALL INCLUSIVE stay at a secret Balinese venue

Shared room (private room available on request)

– All your meals and drinks prepared by our chef

– Amazing scenery Pool area

– Enjoying movement as a habit: built into daily activities

– FULL ACCESS to 5 Master coaches

– Relaxation time to play, simply ENJOY

– Roundtrip car transportation to and from the airport included

“Blair, you are brilliant! Thank you so much for taking us on! We are so lucky to have you.”
“Wow! That was so much information jampacked over the last few days with incredibly open people.
I can’t wait to dive in. I am so excited and inspired to take action on so many things in my business.
Super grateful!”

We will give you everything we’ve learned over the past 15 years and invite you to examine everything you do (and don’t do). Most importantly, there will be lots of hands-on challenges with quality time to practice skills and refine perspectives. We may be faster alone but we are stronger together! There will be round table discussions where everyone can discuss how they aren’t afraid to fail, share the best of the best insights/tips/tricks, conversations about life, weddings, work, marketing, business and more.

You missed it you silly rabbit! The special discount time has passed... Maybe next time!

Save 10% on your Workshop Experience.

“Connect. Grow. Heal. Thrive”


Discover the JOY!


It's good to be lost in the RIGHT direction.


It's the preview of Life's coming attractions


Discover the Answers within you.

"Attended a workshop in Italy at the beginning of April. Ralf gives so much energy, creativity and passion for the profession that it is almost too much to process. thanks!!"
“Blair, I just wanted to thank you again for rocking out my website. Every potential client I have been getting this year is already in love with me and wants to hire me. Plus I have been getting four new client emails a day, which is sort of sending my head spinning.”
“We learned so much! We absolutely love this community of photographers. The hands-on challenges we had gave us so much confidence. And the off camera flash challenges were a game-changer!”
“I highly recommend taking this workshop if you want to take your skills to the next level. I loved the connections I made. Jos and Tree are totally committed to the learning process and it shows in everything they do.”
“My mentoring program is totally sold-out. Thank you again! I totally appreciate all the help, Blair.”
After following my first workshop in Bologna Italy, I noticed that I could and wanted to learn even more from Ralf. His skills in wedding photography are great. With over 10 years of experience in wedding photography, Ralf managed to bring me to a higher level through a year-long mentorship. Also on every question you asked, I got an honest and clear answer. Ralf is down to earth and accessible. For me the ultimate Mentor!
Tree Woodsmith
Jos Woodsmith
Ralf Czogallik Eppel Fotografie
Ralf Czogallik
Blair Delaubenfels
Blair Delaubenfels
Phoenix Marlow Dawn

“Individually we are one drop,
together we are an ocean”


Is this a workshop?

Yes. This will be an immersive experience where we teach, demonstrate, learn and discover the next level of creativity. together. We’ll be welcoming you into a daily schedule of unique wonderful opportunities challenges to expand your mind and your photography skills.  There will be leaving lots of space for magic to happen.

How is this also a retreat?

As seasoned professionals we know self care is part of our craft. We will be weaving a variety of therapeutic sessions into the training itself. Combining a learning workshop with a retreat is the ultimate experience.  

What language?

English, but we also speak German and Dutch.

How many spots are available?

There are only 12 participants. This will be a very intimate experience.

Will we do things outside the main activities?

Yes. We will surprise you with experiences and photo-ops you’ll be excited to share with your followers.

What kind of photography is Revival focused on?

This is specifically for wedding and portrait photographers who want to challenge their ways of seeing and technical and creative shooting skills. We are also doing a deep dive into branding, marketing and running a successful business.

What gear do I need to bring?

Keep it simple. We will give you a must have checklist.

What is the payment process?

We have several options securing your spot with only a $500 retainer. We have different accommodation options and add other options as well. Head to Let’s do This to see all the options!

“I’m so lucky and stoked to have found myself in a photography community with Jos and Tree.
I’ve channeled their ideas and energy into several of my own weddings and it’s had a big impact on my work.”

“Water, tender yet powerful

Earth, giving yet strong
Fire, tenacious but warm
Air, uplifting and calm”